Battlefield's DLC 'They Shall Not Pass' Launches

Battlefield 1’s DLC ‘They Shall Not Pass’ Launches

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One of the recent criticisms of Battlefield 1 is the lack of new content in the game since its release, approximately six months ago. DICE have finally added one of their first DLC expansion packs out of the four called ‘They Shall Not Pass’. After many complaints on the lack of the French army in the game, due to their importance in World War 1, they have finally been added along with much more content.

The DLC and patch introduces four new maps which allow versatile playstyles, two new immersive operations, one new elite class who has a melee weapon and is heavily armoured, new tanks, weapons, game modes and much-appreciated changes to the party system.

They have also added various improvements to weapons, UI and more.

As a Battlefield 1 player myself, I would recommend purchasing the premium pass. A few days ago, the names of the three other DLCs were released and they are ‘In the Name of the Tsar’, ‘Turning Tides’ and ‘Apocalypse’. In addition, the premium pass grants early access to DLCs and battle packs as a bonus.

With the release of this expansion, Battlefield 1 might be revived for a lot of players, as the older maps would have gotten stale after six months. Stay tuned to GeekSnack for more information on Battlefield 1 and its new expansions.

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