Battalion 1944: Finally, a skill based FPS game is being developed

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Truthfully, there are only a handful of actual competitive games at our disposal and you can’t write a great eSports history with just a few games because the community doesn’t need to grow only in number, it needs more content.

Yes, some studios are trying to make some “good” competitive games, but they are taking competitive gaming for granted and focus more on graphics and fiction to appeal to everyone. That is not a bad thing, but lately, it looks like we are entering an age of “games for children” and that’s it. I’m not against easy to play games, but as a gamer, you get more sense of fulfillment from games that require skill, coordination, agility, and thinking.

Finally, Bulkhead Interactive a studio from the UK is trying to make competitive gaming more like what it is supposed to be about: skill, aim, movement and no useless perks and any stuff like that. The only FPS game that really stayed true to its gameplay is Counter Strike and the differences between CS and other FPS games are considerable. We can all measure that through Twitch views or how many players are playing the game and the only reason why CS is still so popular is because no other game right now is aiming at “raw skill”.


Kar98 – German Rifle

Even better, this new FPS game is going to be a World War 2 game which by far is incredible news for me in particular. But I am certain more competitive gamers will be thrilled to hear about this new game as the fact that WW2 didn’t have perks and some other stupid stuff and that makes the game even more amazing. The game developers are determined to stay true to the places and weaponry used in WW2 and also they will base their game on raw skill.

Battalion 1944 team will try to bring back to life the enjoyment of playing an FPS game with some old school weapons like Thompson, Garand and, of course, my personal favorite from Call of Duty 2, Kar98. Battalion 1944 is going to resemble Call of Duty 2, but with better graphics and it’s going to run on Unreal Engine 4. Of course, some of the maps will be similar to some Call of Duty 2 maps like Carentan and Sainte Mere Eglise, but there will be other maps too, that will make this game more appealing.

Bulkhead Interactive started yesterday a Kickstarter campaign to raise £100.000 and in just one day they managed to raise £53.583 and still have 28 days to go. Frankly, it’s such an awesome feeling that there are not only a handful of people who want to play and watch a game where individual skill actually matters.

If Bulkhead Interactive manages to raise its goal they might make Battalion 1944 a reality and the game might launch in May 2017. If you pledge £13 or more, you’ll guarantee yourself a copy of the game and also help the development of probably one of the best FPS games. Keep in mind that games should be played for fun, but as eSports is constantly growing into an industry, we need more competitive, skill based games on the market and Battalion 1944 might be one of them if only we help to make it happen.


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  1. About time this is a game i will buy and play for many years No cheats skill alone who could ask for more and WWII based unreal

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