Top 8 Kaby Lake Dell and HP Laptop Deals

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You’re in the market for a new laptop, but you’re not quite sure what to do. Should you go with a good value by picking an early 2016 spec’d laptop with a 6th generation processor? Or should you spring for the brand new and more expensive late-2016 Intel 7th Gen “Kaby Lake”-equipped laptops? Well, not many retailers are offering deals on the latest and greatest technology, but we’ve found two manufacturers hosting discounts on their latest 7th generation CPU-equipped machines.

Dell and HP are the two dogs fighting the price war on Kaby Lake laptops, making the first discounts on Intel’s 7th gen mobile PCs. Most of these offers are made with coupon codes (such as the linked one for the HP Envy 15) that aren’t widely promoted. Below are the discounts available at the two big PC makers:

HP 7th Gen Laptop Deals

For all HP laptops use code: EMRY9599

Dell 7th Gen Laptop Deals

Most of these discounts are only available for a limited time. The 10% off coupon for the Dell XPS 13 machine ends tomorrow, 11/4 at 7AM Central. The HP discounts are all valid through Saturday, November 5.

How can you tell if a laptop is Intel 7th generation vs. 6th generation? Keep in mind some retailers can trick you by offering old specs in new laptops (cough Apple cough), so instead of just looking for buzzwords like “new”, you’ll want to look for the number “7” after the “Core i#-” in the processor number. A Core i7-7500U is a new Kaby Lake CPU while a Core i7-6500U is the old 6th generation version.

Will these deals get better during the upcoming holiday season? Undoubtedly they will; however, we do need to say that stock is somewhat limited as of right now. Just this week, HP went out of stock on one of its pre-configured 7th generation laptop configurations. Also we should note that retailers have the most incentive to sell off their old 6th generation machines at discount prices this year, so if you wait, the best laptop discounts on Black Friday will be offered on 6th gen laptops – not on these newer models which are more likely to only have modest discounts.

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