All the Civilization 6 Steam Key Deals at Up to $15 Off

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Update 10/20: Deals re-emerging! Civ VI 15% off is now available again at GMG – must add to cart to see final price.

It might be this weekend only, but pre-purchase Civilization 6 hasn’t been cheaper. Right now at popular PC gaming retailer GMG there’s a 15% instant discount after login on the highly anticipated October release. For those in UK/EU, your discount is at 20% off – as good as any pre-order offer comes.

The Best Civilization VI Steam Deals

The discount at GMG can be a bit confusing for those seeing them for the first time. You’ll need to first click here then login or create an account. Once logged into their system and you add the game to cart, you’ll see the full 15% discount on Civilization 6 Steam key.

The kicker here is that this price will only hold through Monday morning at 9AM Pacific time. That leaves you basically the weekend to snag the big discount. The instant savings after login may not die, but rather the extra 3% off coupon code ends for sure on 10/3. If you can’t pick her up in time there is an alternative deal below, with the Bundle Stars worth 20% off.

Expired Civilization 6 Steam Deals

In terms of the alternative deals, ALL retailers are authorized distributors, so if you buy from them you’ll get your game in time for pre-load AND the Aztec Civilization DLC pre-order pack. The Aztec pack gets you access to the Aztec Civilization 90 days before anyone else will be allowed to play them who buys post-release. It’s the same pre-order bonus that Steam is offering, where you’ll end up paying $59.99.

Note that both Sila Games and Games Planet have the Digital Deluxe on sale which we skipped listing for ease of reading sake (plus their deals are simply not as good as the ones listed above). As a side note, Games Planet’s deal is Europe-only and region restricted, so make sure you stick with the other retailers if you want to make sure you secure the right Steam copy of Civilization 6.

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