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It’s been a really long time since I saw a TV-Series that really made me excited. I’ve always wanted to watch TV-Series that don’t say what the plot is going to be about from the first episode. I am actually sick of TV-Shows like that, it makes everything predictable and not fun to watch anymore, although the story might be interesting. Nowadays, TV series really need to have an impressive first episode to make people want to watch it because we have “seen it all”. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who thinks this way, great stories have to be told in a certain order that makes us wonder what could happen next, at least if it’s not a crime type of show in which by the end of the episode we learn who the criminal is.

However, the first thing I want to mention is that I haven’t watched any trailer for The Expanse or never even heard of it, until recently, but I am most definitely glad that I decided to take a look at its first episode. I must admit, after watching the first episode I couldn’t stop following the series and ended up watching all the episodes released until now. My first instinct is to recommend it to everyone and I’ll try telling you all why, without many spoilers.

Space Exploration is always the first thing that pops into my head when someone asks me “what is my opinion on the future of the human race”. The possibility of exploring the known and the unknown is a thrill that most people have and a feeling I will never trade for anything. Well, The Expanse forms a very plausible scenario of our future in space. The futuristic show has an interesting choice of characters, some you’ll love while some you’ll hate, like any other complete TV-series. What makes The Expanse stand out in terms of characters is that this TV-Show has it all from people colonizing Mars or people mining and trading asteroids for a living to people born and raised on a space station that have a difficult time with the gravity on Earth.

Of course, the Earth is still populated and well, the plot is not a post-apocalyptic one with humans going to space as a last resort and in my opinion, it is the most probable future for our kind. We are, after all, willingly trying to explore space and colonizing is one of our specialties. The story of the show revolves around politics, wars and the interaction between colonies. But maybe the thing that attracted me most about The Expanse is that after 8 episodes I am still not sure what it is going to be about. We might have caught a glimpse of the future in the latest episode but with such a complex TV-Series we can always expect a mind-blowing plot twist.

Fortunately, The Expanse will continue with another season but meanwhile, I am still very much expecting the last two episodes of Season 1 that might completely change the current story. After almost an entire season of building up the stories of the main characters, at its finale, The Expanse might introduce a catastrophic threat to all humankind.


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