5 Reasons You Should Try This Online PDF to Excel Tool

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If you’re regularly using your computer to perform operations that include sharing of various digital document formats between yourself and other users, either for educational or business purposes, then you’ve already experienced the complications that can arise from such tasks. One of the most frequently used document formats that is in circulation both in business and in the development of knowledge is Microsoft Excel.

This versatile program has so much to offer in terms of information management, and because of this it has been a staple in offices around the world for more than thirty years. For the unacquainted, each operating system has its own individual unique way of interpreting the data inside of each file, and that can cause some serious complications in the event that the file was created on one operating system, and it’s being opened on a different one. In this situation, there are a couple of likely scenarios, and they’re all bad. The first possible outcome is that the file will be partially good with some minor defects, heavily filled with errors, or even rendering the file utterly unviewable.

Luckily, there’s a neat trick to overcome this problem, and that is the mighty PDF. Excel files should always be converted to this format before sharing, and here are the main reasons to do it:

  • The PDF is completely universal, meaning it can be viewed on every OS and every known device perfectly and exactly as it was created.
  • The size of the file is significantly decreased, which is always convenient.
  • They are read-only in nature, which can be a positive characteristic sometimes, but it can also be quite negative, if the user requires to edit the Excel document after he receives it.

The way to make a PDF file fully editable again is to use a software that extracts all the data of a document, and makes a new version of the Excel file. These specially designed programs can be found in two different forms, as a paid software, and as online tools. For the users who depend on this conversion on a daily basis, paid programs are probably a better fit because they allow greater fine-tuning options. For users who don’t do this all the time, online tools are far better, but finding a proper one can be somewhat difficult, so we wanted to share with you a free tool that offers great results.

PDF to Excel allows you to achieve a lot, and here are the five reasons why you should try it out if a situation requires you to convert a PDF document that you received.

  1. It’s completely free, but at the same time it gives amazing results, transforming all the tables and rows of the Excel file perfectly.
  2. No login details or user info of any kind is demanded, which strengthens the overall feeling of privacy, and at the same time shortens the time needed to finish the conversion.
  3. You can convert scanned PDFs. Sometimes a colleague can send you a scanned spreadsheet, and this tool can handle such files using the advanced Optical Character Recognition software, which examines every symbol inside a file individually.
  4. Quickness. The time needed for the tool to finish the process is usually under one minute, but it can take a little while longer if the file in question is really massive.
  5. Uploading from the cloud. If the file you want to convert was shared with you over the cloud, you can directly upload it from the most popular services Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Now that you’re familiar with the main attributes, let’s show you how to use it. Once you’ve chosen the file, the process will commence by itself.

As soon as the conversion is complete, the download button will appear.

Just transfer the file to your hard-drive, and make all the changes to the spreadsheet you wanted to. It is also quite advantageous that it can be used on tablets and smartphones in addition to computers.

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