5 Nintendo Switch Launch Games Worth Getting Excited About

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The launch of the Nintendo Switch is imminent. On March 3rd, the handheld-console hybrid will be released into the hands of hungry fans all around the world. There are already many games announced for the platform, and certainly plenty to be excited about. From the motion controlled boxing game ARMS, to Mario’s latest adventure Mario: Odyssey, the first year is looking very promising indeed. But what about the games you’ll be playing on launch day, the ones which will give you the first taste of what the Switch has to offer. I’ve put together a list of five Nintendo Switch launch games worth getting excited about.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)

Okay, let’s get this one out of the way. It’s the big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Originally intended to be a Wii U game, but delayed to allow a simultaneous release on Switch, the game is finally almost here. Breath of the Wild features a fully realized open world, RPG elements as well as the tried and tested Zelda formula we all know and love. Even more tantalizing is the ability to take this console quality experience on the go, allowing for even more of your time to be spent exploring the many dungeons and secrets Hyrule has to offer.


1-2-Switch (Nintendo)

Packed full of zany mini-games, 1-2-Switch is the console’s marquee party title. You and a friend will face-off in games which make full use of the Switch’s new features. One such game will make use of the new HD rumble feature, tasking players with guessing how many balls are in a box. Another game, quick-draw, will see players taking on the role of gunslingers. Using the motion ready Joy-con controllers as pistols, players will compete in a quick-draw duel, all the while maintaining eye contact. It all looks like a blast, and will most likely be the first game you’ll use to show off your shiny new console to your friends.


Super Bomberman R (Konami, HexaDrive)

After over half a decade away, classic party-battle arcade franchise Bomberman returns with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Boasting 8-player cooperative play, it is the perfect showcase for the switch’s local multiplayer capabilities. Early impressions have been positive, with the game feeling like a classic entry in the series. Dynamic environments and updated graphics set this new installment apart from its predecessors, and the addictive gameplay the series is known for make this game a must play on launch day.


Snipperclips (Nintendo)

Nintendo consoles always launch with a strong emphasis on cooperative play and the Switch is no exception. Snipperclips will be available for download from the Nintendo e-shop at launch. It is a cooperative puzzle game where up to 4 players will have to cut pieces out of each other in order to solve each level. There are multiple ways to complete each task, so creativity is key. It has the opportunity to showcase Nintendo’s investment in smaller, downloadable experiences and will make great use of the multiple joy-con configurations. It has been said that Snipperclips was the sleeper hit at the recent Switch launch event, but we will have to wait until March 3rd to see if it lives up to the hype.


I am Setsuna (Square Enix)

Since the Switch was first announced, Nintendo has repeatedly reiterated that the console will receive full support from third party developers. A strong indicator that this may indeed be the case comes in the form of I am Setsuna, a love letter to the JRPGs of yesteryear. The gameplay is most akin to 1995’s Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, featuring strategic, turn-based battles. Where I am Setsuna is unique is in its story. It’s an overtly somber affair, complemented perfectly by slow, melodic piano and a muted colour palette. With over 40 hours worth of gameplay, I am Setsuna is the perfect game to take on the go, and should offer players something a bit more meaty to play on launch day.

Nintendo Switch releases worldwide 3.3.17, RRP $299.

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