3D Touch support officially confirmed as Android N feature

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Google has released the Android N Developer Preview 2 last week and many have noticed that the new version of the OS has 3D Touch support baked in. 3D Touch is what Apple used to call force touch and was originally launched on the Apple Watch, only to be implemented in the iPad Pro and iPhone 6S family of devices. Huawei has also implemented a similar input in the Huawei P9 device line-up, called Press Touch. Now, Google has confirmed that Android N comes with Launcher Shortcuts, which will support pressure-sensitive input, aka 3D Touch.

Speaking with Mashable, Google seems to have confirmed native software support for pressure sensitive displays, which means 3D Touch is a definite go on Android. We should start seeing more and more devices using pressure-sensitive panels in order to enhance the user experience and provide a new dimension for regular, everyday tasks. Implementing 3D Touch in the long term means that we could use long presses for extra functionality on our smartphones and tablets.

Although 3D Touch is not a new development in technology, it is just now beginning to garner more attention in the smartphone and IoT markets. Practical implementation until now has been limited due to software limitations, but Android N having native support for pressure-sensitive input makes things easier for Android fans around the world. Although Google could keep this feature under wraps for longer than the next installation of the OS, Android N, expected this October, it’s more than likely that the new Nexus devices flaunt the new input method.

With smartphones already having pressure-sensitive displays, it’s about time Android catches up and offers native support for 3D Touch. We’re not sure to what extent Android N will be able to make use of 3D Touch, but we’ll certainly find out more at Google I/O and this Fall, when the new OS should be showcased on brand new Nexus devices.

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