20% Off Battlefield 1 Origin Code Deals Fly In Before Friday

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On Friday, October 21 the first AAA WWI FPS will hit the shelves from EA. Battlefield 1‘s “Early Enlister” $80 version of the game already went live on Monday, but for the rest of us (who didn’t get suckered into paying the extra $20) there are pre-order bonuses and even discounts available for the Standard Edition. Your price could be as little as $46 if you know where to look.

PC gamers are the ones getting discounts, and there are two options. GMG is the lowest price with a 20% drop to $47.99. DLGamer comes in close second with a 20% drop to $47.99 and the second best price online from a reliable retailer. We should note that GMG makes no mention of the Hellfighter pre-order bonus DLC, while DLGamer is know for sure to be sending it out with their copies (and is available for pre-load).

Update: GMG price is now at $47.99 instead of the previous $45.99. Undoubtedly due to the game about to be released.

Battlefield 1 Origin Code Deals

Note: DLGamer Battlefield 1 Origin code/key of the game is confirmed to be instantly delivered after purchase as of writing with pre-order bonuse Hellfighter pack. GMG is also confirmed to be shipping keys now as of writing.

Battlefield 1 Console Deals

PS4 and Xbox One console gamers have gift card bonus options. Best Buy is tossing in a bonus $10 in “My Best Buy Rewards” if you’re a member of their free rewards program. If you’re a member of Best Buy’s paid Gamers Club Unlocked program, you’ll even get a 20% discount to $47.99 and 20% off future pre-order and recent releases.

If you’re on the Xbox One the Microsoft Store will get you a $10 Gift Code for pre-ordering through them. That goes for whether you buy a physical copy or even a digital download copy. The advantage of buying the digital download code is that it instantly delivers via email so you can plug in the code to Xbox Live and begin pre-loading before Friday’s release.

Pre-loading is of course live now for all three platforms. After installation the file size is about the same for all consoles, Xbox being about 43GB, PC 46GB, and PS4 48GB of hard drive space. The size of the game makes it about 1/10th the size of a 500GB console, so you may consider freeing up some space in advance digital copy.

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